Why a flier might help your business fly

Using a marketing flier can expand the outreach of your business.

As our society and technology changes, business has changed as well. The global market as well as home or Internet-based businesses have expanded. A good marketing plan needs to incorporate a variety of methods to share your business. The marketing tools chosen should take into account what the service or product is, who the audience is and how to best communicate your message to that audience.

One potential marketing tool would be the creation of a flier. Michigan State University Extension 4-H Youth Development provides information on how this tool might support your business:

  • A flier can be easily and widely distributed. Fliers are great to share at local businesses, at meetings and booths at community fairs. They can be easily folded to mail out and can be distributed by friends and family as well.
  • A flier can include helpful information for potential customers. There is space on two sides of the paper when you fold the flier to provide content for customers. It is best to include the reason for your business, how customers can reach you, what the cost of your product or service is and details on your product or service.
  • A flier can be creative and eye-catching. Fliers provide a chance to express your creative side. Colors and graphics are a great way to draw attention to your flier to make it stand out. Consider what fliers you have been drawn to pick up and why. Incorporate those components into the flier you create while being unique to you.
  • A flier can outreach to new audiences (the public). Part of the purpose of a marketing flier is to reach an audience that has not heard of you and your product or service. Since fliers can be easily and widely distributed, someone new can hear about what you have to offer and contact you to learn more.
  • A flier creates awareness of your project and 4-H program. A flier is a chance to build a new relationship and, even if the person does not buy, they will have knowledge of you for the future. They might refer you to someone else or pass on your flier to someone who might have an interest or would buy. The flier provides a chance to spread the word about your business.

Marketing fliers should still utilize the tips of good written communication and, if so, can provide another method of advertising and sharing your business with others.

MSU Extension 4-H Youth Development has many resources to assist youth with entrepreneurship and life-skill development.

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