Working together generates success in Iosco County

Collaboration reaps rewards for betterment of the community.

It is often said that there is strength in numbers, and that collaborating and partnering is a sure bet to sustainable success, regardless of the task at hand. This has recently been illustrated by the recent turnaround of the economic development group in Iosco County known as Develop Iosco.

A little over 18 months ago, the Develop Iosco board shifted to a more strategic focus of adding value through measurable outcomes and continued building of partnerships throughout the entire county. This focus shift has already begun to reap rewards for this organization led by a small but committed group of volunteers. Michigan State University Extension has been involved with Develop Iosco in one capacity or another since the early days of this organization.

Develop Iosco has representation and support from several key organizations throughout Iosco County, such as:

Several other key supporters that are actively involved represent education, health care, workforce and economic development, as well as public officials as their busy schedules permit.

Since setting this new direction, Develop Iosco has added several key accomplishments to their portfolio, such as the establishment of a youth entrepreneurism program which will launch its first phase in the Fall of 2013, the compilation of an Economic Tool Kit for prospective investors interested in doing business in Iosco County, as well as a recently released Economic Attraction Video supported financially by the two major Chambers of Commerce in Iosco County.

Though Develop Iosco has had some short-term successes, this group still has some longer term goals to accomplish to support the county’s economic development efforts. Such longer-term goals and projects that Develop Iosco has on their agenda are to continue to promote entrepreneurism at all levels within the community and to possibly help coordinate a county wide 20 year vision. None of these efforts will be successful without positive collaboration, and if the past 18 months are any measure of what Develop Iosco can accomplish, then we should all keep an eye on this organization and the great outcomes on their horizon for their community.

By taking the lead on projects such as this in a collaborative and cooperative fashion, Develop Iosco has taken the lead in an area that is aimed to help support economic development efforts for the county. Also, by demonstrating that several key organizations can collectively work toward a common goal with a successful outcome, Develop Iosco has proven that there is value in collaborating. For more information about Develop Iosco, visit their website at

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