Youth developing life skills through the arts – Part 2

Youth and adults can “discover life skills through the arts” at the 4-H Visual Arts and Crafts Workshop, Oct. 12-13.

The value of visual arts and crafts tends to be overlooked as positive youth development. It is important for 4-H volunteers and other adults who work with youth to reinforce and encourage the development of life skills through the arts. Youth developing life skills through 4-H visual arts and crafts projects were explored in part one of this series.

Hosted through Michigan State University Extension, a 4-H leader training workshop will be offered for adult and teen volunteers Oct. 12-13, 2013 at Kettunen Center, located in Tustin, Mich. Through the opening activities and the 18-sessions offered, participants will learn what life skills are and have fun exploring how leadership, citizenship, entrepreneurship, career development and science skills can be part of the arts and crafts projects in which they participate and teach. Leaders will learn many ideas to take home to reinforce life skills in their art projects.

Attending a Kettunen Center workshop is a great way to get energized with new ideas for working with youth in arts and crafts projects. It is a chance to meet and share ideas with 4-H teen and adult volunteers from around the state. This year, participants will work with others from their county to leave with a plan of action for using their new knowledge and skills with their county club.

Youth who will be age 12 or older by Jan. 1, 2014 can attend this workshop. The visual arts and crafts workshops offered will include:

Nuno Felting

  • Beginning Fused Glass
  • Iris Paper Folding
  • Basketry
  • Photography Fundamentals
  • Locker Hooking with Trash Bags
  • Glass Etching
  • Gourd Art
  • Show Ring Bling Jewelry
  • Leather Tooling for the Beginner
  • Dryer Duct Pumpkins
  • Transforming Fabric
  • Creating Crafts from Recycled Materials
  • Color It Fun
  • Paper Bead Making: Beads for Life
  • Brown Bag Art
  • Marketing Your Art through Social Media
  • Build a Boomerang Launcher

This workshop is held during National 4-H Week and registration is now open. You can find the workshop announcement and registration information at

For more information about this and other workshops scheduled at Kettunen Center this year visit the Michigan 4-H Volunteer Training Site. 4-H has many educational resources available. A 4-H Visual Arts Curriculum and a list of other national 4-H curriculum can be found at the National 4-H Mall.

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