• Northwest Michigan fruit update – May 30, 2023

    Published on May 30, 2023
    As we wrap up a historically dry month with little to no precipitation forecasted, disease risk continues to be low except for powdery mildew. Insects continue to be active, and the first codling moths have been captured.

  • Northwest Michigan fruit update – May 23, 2023

    Published on May 23, 2023
    Tart cherries are in the shuck, sweet cherries are sizing at 7.5-9.5 mm, and apples are at petal fall. Conditions have been dry and, as a result, disease pressure has been relatively low for most fungal pathogens.

  • Northwest Michigan fruit update – May 16, 2023

    Published on May 16, 2023
    Bees have been active and we expect good pollination of tarts and apples this year. Weather conditions are forecasted to be cooler and drier than normal, which may work in our favor to avoid fire blight blossom infection this apple bloom.

  • Northwest Michigan fruit update – May 9, 2023

    Published on May 9, 2023
    Weather conditions have been cool and wet, and tree fruit development has been slow. Sweet cherries have been in bloom for over a week with little bee activity. Warmer weather will help with pollination, and tart cherries will be in full bloom this week.

  • Northwest Michigan fruit update – May 2, 2023

    Published on May 2, 2023
    Current weather conditions have been cold and wet, but the forecast is for warmer and drier weather to move into the region. Warm weather will be welcomed for good pollination of opening sweet cherry.