Vend is the cloud-based cash register system used at MSU Extension. To get a system login, you will need to take the online training. The first component  of the training talks about PCI training and is called “Michigan State University PCI-DSS.” It explains how to make sure credit card data is handled safely. The second component talks about the Vend software and explains some of the commonly used functions. After completing the training, please email the MSUE Vend team at You will then be emailed your login information. 

 photo of cash register

VEND Training for New Users

Vend training is offered online through D2L, and includes a module on PCI (handling credit cards) compliance and how to use the VEND system.  Participants must complete both modules as well as a sign off statement in order to receive access to VEND. Upon completion of the online course, email and request access. To register for the course go to: VEND Training Instructions

VEND Resources

The following resources include information on Access, Policy, best practices and useful hints.

  • Lightspeed Instruction Book
  • Ordering Clover Thermal Cash Register Receipt Paper
  • Tax Exempt Form - This information is to be collected when a customer is requesting tax exemption from sales. Keep on file in your office and update on a yearly basis.
  • Reviewing checks - This document goes over the requirements and what to look for when accepting checks. This should be done at the time of the sale as well as when the VEND manager is preparing the deposit.
  • Open and Close Register -  This task is to be performed each day your office is open to the public. Registers should never be left open for multiple days at a time.
  • Preparing Deposit Instructions -  Deposit reporting periods are 1st- 15th and 16th - end of the month by the VEND manager.
  • Quick Keys - This is a task the VEND manager can do to keep the register's sell screen current and up to date. This allows frequently sold items to be on the screen to make selling those items easier.
  • Customer Names - Recently, we have requested all sales have the customer names added.