Planning, Evaluation and Reporting

Dr. Chelsea Hetherington, Evaluation Specialist. 

Planning is critical in designing and implementing extension programs that demonstrate community input, clear and relevant objectives, effective and efficient use of resources and activities, targeted audiences, and outcomes that result in social impacts.  Evaluation adds to our scholarly work of learning what helps us improve programs and document the net social value of the program.  Reporting communicates plans and logic models, progress, outputs and outcomes and lessons learned. 

Explore this site to discover resources to assist you in planning, evaluating, and reporting. Resources on logic models and evaluation strategies are highlighted. Evaluation Expedition is a free D2L online course with 11 modules that cover a wide variety of program evaluation topics.

This website also contains the link to enter the Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MIPRS). Several flash movies and recorded PowerPoint demonstrations of MIPRS are housed on the site for self-paced training and reference. If you would like an individual zoom training with screen sharing to explore the use of MIPRS, please contact Cheryl Eschbach to schedule. Several trainings are offered each year on evaluation and reporting and topics change depending on need and interest. These training events are listed in the Events Management System and announced in the OD news each month.  We also encourage new educators to set up zoom meetings to help learn the system and integrate planning, evaluation, and reporting.


Click here to Log Into Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MIPRS)

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