Reporting Systems

Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS)

MSU Extension began using PEARS for reporting in January of 2020. PEARS is used to develop action plans and professional development plans for the year. It is also used to keep track of educational events (program activities), indirect activities, partnerships, coalitions, success stories, and more. Information on PEARS support can be found here. 


Supervisors Using Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting (SUPER)

Those in supervisory roles us the SUPER system for planning and reporting. SUPER is a secure data entry system for planning and reporting used by Extension academic staff that supervise other Extension staff. SUPER is designed for Supervising Educators, District Coordinators, and Extension Leadership (i.e., Director's Office, Institute Directors, Associate Institute Directors).

Support documents for the SUPER system are housed on the SUPER system's main page for security reasons. 


Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MIPRS)

This system was used by MSU Extension from 2012 to 2019 to report on plans and deliverables. The system is now shut down, please reach out to Norma Lundeen if you need reports from this system. 

For help with PEARS or SUPER, reach out to Norma Lundeen:

Norma Lundeen

Norma Lundeen

Planning and Reporting Project Manager and Interim Reporting and Evaluation Coordinator
MSU Extension