Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS)

MSU Extension will begin using PEARS for reporting in January of 2020. Until then, all reporting should happen in the MIPRS or SUPER systems.


Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MIPRS)

Reporting should focus on describing the progress and accomplishments you have made on your annual plan, degree of achieving your objectives, the number of participants you reach, the demographics of your participants, and your evaluation data on your outcome indicators.  You can also describe, in narrative format, your progress towards the deliverable in your plan, diversity and civil rights efforts, impact summaries related to your programming and more. To login to MIPRS use the link below:

Tipsheets for Reporting in MIPRS

An 18-step process map to report effectively in MIPRS

It can be overwhelming to capture all your efforts in Extension. This resource was built on the success of colleagues at MSU Extension and contains time-saving tricks. We asked effective reporters what they do to prepare for their reporting each month or quarter to track their efforts across the calendar year. You can use the figure to map your tasks and read through the detail of the 18-steps that show ideas for effective reporting.  

Reporting Outputs

Reporting Narratives

Writing Impact Statements 

Reporting Diversity/Multiculturalism and Civil Rights

Writing Good Progress Towards Deliverables - Community, Food & Environment Michigan Institute

Writing Good Progress Towards Deliverables - Health and Nutrition Institute

Writing Good Progress reports - Children and Youth Institute



Supervisors Using Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting (SUPER)

Those in supervisory roles us the SUPER system for planning and reporting. SUPER is a secure data entry system for planning and reporting used by Extension academic staff that supervise other Extension staff. SUPER is designed for Supervising Educators, District Coordinators, and Extension Leadership (i.e., Director's Office, Institute Directors, Associate Institute Directors).

Support documents for the SUPER system are housed on the SUPER system's main page for security reasons. You can login to the super system at 



For help with PEARS, MIPRS, or SUPER, reach out to Norma Lundeen:

Norma Lundeen

Norma Lundeen

Planning and Reporting Project Manager
Norma Lundeen is the MSU Extension Planning and Reporting Project Manager. She is the main point of contact for support with the Michigan Planning and Reporting System (MIPRS) and the Supervisors Using Planning, Evaluation, and Reporting (SUPER) system.

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