Volunteer Program Planning and Management Reference Guide

As Michigan’s land grant university, part of the Michigan State University mission is “to discover practical uses for theoretical knowledge, and to speed the diffusion of information to residents of the state, the nation, and the world.” In so doing, the university is to be a “catalyst for positive intellectual, social, and technological change” (Michigan State University, 1982). Michigan State University Extension is the university’s outreach program. Thus, its mission is to help people improve their lives through an educational process that applies knowledge to critical needs, issues and opportunities. MSU Extension has numerous programs that rely on the expertise, skill, and good will of volunteers. Our mission is to create non-formal, educational opportunities to help communities thrive in a complex and changing world.

Many of our educational programs are developed and implemented with the assistance and effort of volunteers and partner organizations.  By using effective program planning and management practices, we can develop and implement high-quality, effective programs that increase educational impact and reduce chances for negative experiences and/or outcomes.

Volunteer Program Planning and Management Reference Guide

Frequently Used Forms and Documentation

Financial Accountability
Conducting a Financial Review
Media Release Form
Medical Treatment Authorization Form
Parental/Guardian Consent Form
Volunteer Agreement and Code of Conduct
Volunteer Dismissal Checklist
Volunteer Protection Act of 1997
Youth Code of Conduct

Frequently Accessed Resources

Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
National 4-H Council
eXtension Volunteer Administration Community of Practice
Michigan State University Extension Mentoring