Helping Michigan Farm Businesses Stay Competitive

MSU Extension agribusiness management educators work with established farms and farm-based entrepreneurial enterprises. Educators specializing in Farm Information Resource Management (FIRM) work predominately with established farms and agribusinesses to help manage risk, farm finances, labor management and policy, law and regulation. Educators who deliver programming through the MSU Product Center Food-Ag-Bio assist entrepreneurs and established businesses in product development, marketing and market expansion.

Download the printable MSU Extension Agribusiness Management: Helping Michigan Farm Businesses Stay Competitive programming profile.

In 2015, MSU agribusiness educators worked directly with more than 21,000 clients. Resources focus on the following programs.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) for Agricultural Employers

Although the ACA has actually been around for some time, modifications and portions of the legislation have slowly been initiated over time. Implementation of employer regulations began Jan. 1, 2016. Portions of the legislation still do not have proper guidance provided by the various federal agencies responsible and a good deal of confusion remains on behalf of producers, agri-businesses and others as to where they fit into this legislation. MSU Extension continues to work with agribusiness and agricultural producers through group program efforts and one-on-one consultations. 

The MSU Extension FIRM team continues to offer programming:

  • Through regularly scheduled market outlook webinars for producers to make annual enrollment decisions for the DMPP along with other marketing decisions.
  • About Whole Farm Revenue Insurance Program
  • Such as NAP programming as part of other programs around Michigan.

Explore more Farm Business Management Programs

  • Annie's Project

    Annie’s Project is designed to empower farmwomen to manage information systems used in critical decision making processes and to build local networks throughout the state.

  • Beginning Farmer Webinar Series

    MSU Extension's educational series covers basic, startup information for beginning farmers interested in engaging in new agricultural enterprises. Participants are mostly current or future growers who represent small farms.

  • Commercial Food Safety

    Food safety is critical for food producers, processors, distributors and restaurateurs to produce safe and wholesome food. MSU Extension offers several resources, trainings and certifications related to food safety for individuals in the food industry.

  • Farm Bill

    MSU Extension works with resources around the country to provide information for farmers to navigate 2018 Farm Bill programs.

  • Farm Labor & Human Resources

    MSU Extension provides group program and one-on-one consultations with farms and farm families to act as a guide in preparing farm succession plans.

  • Food Safety Regulations and Courses

    Food Safety Modernization required courses, FDA certification requirements and other certificate training to meet food, preventative control, processing and packaging can be completed and certified through these programs.

  • Good Agricultural Practices

    Classes and presentations on Good Agricultural Practices prepare farmers to sell their produce in retail markets and ensure the safety of their produce for sale.

  • MSU Agriculture Innovation Day

    Connecting experts with farmers to share the latest agriculture innovations to improve bottom lines while maintaining sustainable practices.

  • Family looking over estate plan.

    Succession & Estate Planning

    MSU Extension provides group program and one-on-one consultations with farms and farm families to act as a guide in preparing farm succession plans.