Gardening education to improve lives and communities

Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Consumer Horticulture team members collaborate on the following statewide initiatives to maximize impact and deliver environmentally-friendly, science-based gardening practices. These initiatives provide gardeners increased accessibility to MSU Extension resources.

Download the printable MSU Extension Consumer Horticulture: Public Gardening Education to Improve Lives and Communities While Protecting Michigan's Natural Resources programming profile.

Toll-Free Lawn and Garden Hotline – 1-888-678-3464 

Extension consumer horticulture educators and highly trained Extension Master Gardener volunteers educate callers on best management practices for plants and pests of the home, garden and landscape.

Smart Gardening

MSU Extension’s Smart Gardening initiative helps gardeners at any knowledge level to adopt environmentally-friendly practices. Using focused themes of smart plants, smart lawns and smart soils, Smart Gardening leads gardeners along a continuum of learning through educational opportunities from short interactions to intensive training.

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Ask an Expert

Michigan residents can ask gardening questions 24/7 and quickly receive expert answers through the online, mobile-friendly eXtension Ask an Expert system.

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Soil Test Self-Mailer and Nutrient Interpretation –

MSU Extension provides soil testing and nutrient interpretation to enable gardeners to be more environmentally responsible.

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  • Athletic Fields

    Welcome to Michigan State University’s website featuring our news, recommendations and resources for maintaining athletic fields.

  • Backyard Fruit

    MSU extension provides an educational opportunity for you to gain knowledge and experience incorporating various types of fruit into your diet.

  • Community Gardening

    Michigan is a great place for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants in a community setting. MSU Extension offers many programs for school and community gardeners to help them create beautiful spaces and grow delicious produce.

  • Flower Gardening

    MSU Extension provides an opportunity to help get you started adding color and fragrance to your lawn and/or garden.

  • Golf Courses

    Welcome to Michigan State University’s website featuring our news, recommendations and resources for maintaining golf courses.

  • Good Agricultural Practices

    Classes and presentations on Good Agricultural Practices prepare farmers to sell their produce in retail markets and ensure the safety of their produce for sale.

  • Grow It Cook It Eat It

    Grow it, cook it, eat it is an informative, fun-filled series of four workshops designed to guide you from garden to table.

  • Home Lawns

    Welcome to Michigan State University’s website featuring our news, recommendations and resources for home lawns.

  • Home Trees & Shrubs

    Learn how to make your yard more attractive by keeping up to date with the events and resources about maintaining the trees and shrubs in your yard.

  • Indoor Plants & Pests

    Plants are commonly used as decorations within a households interior. MSU Extension provides an educational opportunity for you to view common resources and articles regarding the maintain of indoor plants and the pests.

  • Michigan State University Extension Lawn & Garden

    Lawn & Garden

    Whether you’re looking to save money, love fresh flavor or working with nature, Michigan is a great place for growing fruit, vegetables, flowers and landscape plants. MSU Extension offers resources including the popular Master Gardener Volunteer Program.

  • Master Gardener Program

    The MSU Extension Master Gardener Program is an adult horticulture education and volunteer leader training program committed to improving science based horticulture information in communities throughout the state.

  • MSU Agriculture Innovation Day

    Connecting experts with farmers to share the latest agriculture innovations to improve bottom lines while maintaining sustainable practices.

  • Pollinators & Pollination

    MSU Extension’s focus on pollinators and pollination brings together educators and researchers who are working with experts around the country to provide the latest information through webinars, seminars, online resources and email newsletters.

  • Sod Production

    Welcome to Michigan State University’s website featuring our news, recommendations and resources for sod production.

  • Soils & Composting

    MSU Extension supports composting as an environmentally sustainable practice for homes, farms, businesses and industry. Whether products are grown naturally or manufactured, composting is the easiest and least expensive solution to managing organic waste.

  • Turf

    MSU Extension’s focus on turfgrass management brings together faculty, specialists, and educators who work with both professional turfgrass managers and homeowners in managing turfgrass in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • Vegetable Gardening

    MSU Extension focuses on providing successful information and resources about vegetable gardening, to anyone of any level.

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