Supporting Food Systems and Improving Food Access

Food Business Development

MSU Extension increases the economic impact of food and farming enterprises through research, education and outreach. MSU Extension hopes by working directly with growers, food business entrepreneurs and stakeholders together that an ecologically sound, socially just, economically viable agri-food system that advances sustained regional and rural economic development can be established. MSU Extension engages audiences through one-on-one counseling sessions, grower meetings, at incubator farms, research field days, online education and regional and national conferences.

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  • Michigan MarketMaker

    Connecting willing markets and quality sources of food from farm and fisheries to fork.

  • Product Center

    The MSU Product Center can help you develop and commercialize high-value products and businesses in the food, agricultural and natural resource sectors.

Local Food & Food Access

There are Michigan residents in all 83 counties have limited access to full-service grocery stores and healthy food. MSU Extension education supports increasing food access by connecting local food growers to groups interested in food access, social justice and local food network development. Michigan is home to the second most diverse agriculture in the U.S. and the capacity in available human capital that is able and willing to be trained in occupations that support and contribute to the food system.

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  • Community Food Systems

    MSU Extension supports the development of community food systems in Michigan by providing resources and programs to develop local food policy councils, farm-to-institutional purchasing, food hubs and farmers markets.

  • Michigan FoodCorps

    Making schools healthier places for kids to eat, learn and grow.

  • Michigan Fresh

    Michigan Fresh helps you find tips on growing, handling and preserving as well as healthful recipes to take advantage of the delicious Michigan-grown bounty from your backyard or your local farmer's market.

Food to Institution

Interest in local food is on the rise whether you’re hoping to feed your family or are an institution such as aschool, hospital or community organization. Often, however, these groups do not have direct connections to the local food network. This emerging market requires the development of new knowledge and skills for the producers, supply chain partners and institutional buyers. MSU Extension serves as an organizing partner and provides research-based education to these groups to help establish and sustain local food networks.

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