Fighting obesity and improving nutrition in Michigan

MSU Extension delivers affordable, relevant, evidence-based education to help adults, young people and families in urban and rural communities be healthy. Programs focus on helping participants gain the skills they need to buy and prepare nutritious, budget-friendly foods, increase their physical activity, breastfeed their babies and stretch their food dollars.

In the 2017 fiscal year, MSU Extension programs in these areas reached more than 128,000 adults and young people at more than 1,600 sites across the state. A sampling of evaluation data from our programs follows.


  • Budgeting Your Benefits

    Navigate your food assistance benefits and getting the most value at the store, while avoiding food waste during this program. Find a class near you or get started with our free, interactive worksheet.

  • Cooking Matters

    Cooking Matters is a nutrition program where participants learn how to eat healthy, cook and grocery shop on a limited budget. This program is offered in the community for adults, families, and childcare providers.

  • Eat Healthy, Be Active

    Learn the skills you need to make healthy eating and regular physical activity a part of your lifestyle. Eat Healthy, Be Active is a six-week nutrition and physical activity program for adults.

  • Making Healthy Choices

    Making Healthy Choices Newsletters help you make healthy choices that fit into your lifestyle.

  • Refresh MI Store

    Refresh MI Store and Refresh MI Pantry are initiatives, where educators provide food retail sites and pantries with coaching and resources to help store owners modify environments to help local residents have increased access to nutritious options.

  • Show Me Nutrition

    Show Me Nutrition news, programming and other resources from MSU Extension.

  • Smarter Lunchrooms Movement

    Through coaching and technical assistance MSU Extension can help you start a Smarter Lunchroom Movement at your school.

  • Today's Mom

    Today’s Mom aims to improve the dietary and physical activity habits of moms-to-be in ways that are sustainable before, during and after pregnancy.