Preventing foodborne illness and ensuring a safer food supply

In 2017, MSU Extension reached over 5,300 people through food safety programming. After attending food safety classes, participants use safer food-handling, preparation, storage and preservation techniques. As a result, consumers can have increased confidence when they receive food from a properly trained professional, whether it is from a food retailer, restaurant, farmers market or an organization serving a community meal.


  • Cooking for Crowds

    Cooking for Crowds is a workshop for nonprofit groups that prepare food for fundraisers. Participants will learn how to prevent unsafe conditions that may cause foodborne illness when planning, purchasing, storing, preparing and serving food.

  • Cottage Food Law

    Michigan adopted the Cottage Food Law in 2010, providing guidelines for individuals to prepare non-potentially hazardous foods in a home kitchen. Only certain foods can be prepared and sold directly to the consumer without a license under this law.

  • Home Food Preservation

    This low-cost online course is designed to increase knowledge and confidence in water bath and pressure canning, freezing, pickling and dehydrating techniques.

  • Safe Food = Healthy Kids

    Safe Food = Healthy Kids is an interactive workshop designed for child care providers. Learn what the best practices are for food safety to help keep kids safe.

  • ServSafe

    MSU Extension has instructors in your local communities trained to deliver ServSafe, a national food and beverage safety training and certificate program.