MSU Extension Event Submission Form

This form allows you to create an event outside of the content management system dotCMS, and it allows you to promote your event across multiple programs, topics and county websites you might not have access to in dotCMS.

It does not contain all the features found within dotCMS, including images, files, geolocation or allow for hyperlinks and styles. If you would like to take advantage of these features, you can create your event using this form and then make updates as needed directly in dotCMS.


If you have any questions or concerns about the use of this form, please email Heidi Macwan at

Make sure you complete all three steps

  1. CONTENT -- Fill in the content
  2. RELATIONSHIPS -- Provide the appropriate relationships
  3. CATEGORIES -- Fill in appropriate tags

Please log in using your MSU NetID and Password. You are not logged in until you submit your event. The Submit button is found on Tab 3 - Categories. Please fill out all event information in all three tabs before clicking Submit. 



Choose a website folder you have access to in dotCMS. All employees should have access to the folder for the county in which they work. To find out all the folders you have access to you can log directly into dotCMS at

Title of Event – should be written in title case

This field will be filled out automatically. If you are having problems submitting the form, try changing the URL Title.

A short synopsis of the event, used in event listing (maximum 256 characters).

The date the event begins. The time the event begins. If you do not want the time to appear on your event entry pick a duplicate start time and end time and it will not display on the event entry.

The date the event ends. If it is a one-day event, select the same date that it begins. The time the event ends. If you do not want the time to appear on your event entry pick a duplicate start time and end time and it will not display on the event entry.

Full address of the location of the event, including address, city state and zip code. Can also include the name of the building or place and room number the event is being held.

Enter the address of your event or search for location by clicking open map.

Name and contact details of primary point of contact of event. Could be an individual or a general office. Written out as Name or General Office Name, email, phone number.

Full details about the event with all important information. The information provided in the summary will not appear on the main event page, so all important information from the summary should be included in the full description.
Note: You cannot include hyperlinks in text, styles, headings, photos or link documents in this description field. If you’d like to add any of those elements, please create the event and then access it via dotCMS to make updates.

This is where the link to register goes. (Format:

You have finished Tab 1 – Content. Finish creating your event by going to Tab 2 – Relationships and Tab 3 – Tags.


The relationships selected on this tab determine where on the website your event will be promoted. Please carefully review and select only the options that are relevant.

Only select a place relationship if your event is being held inside the Extension County Office. Otherwise do not use this option.


Select the CANR Organization hosting or co-hosting the event.


Select the appropriate geographic region where the event should be promoted.

If this is a 4-H event, please select the county where this event is taking place.


Select appropriate MSU Extension programs where the event should be listed.


Select the appropriate MSU Extension topic areas where the event should be promoted.


Select the points of contact related to the event. This will display a link to their person record with a photo, job title, email and phone number.

You have finished Tab 2 – Relationships. Finish creating your event by going to Tab 3 – Tags to finalize and submit your event.


Add tags appropriate to the event including a a tag for all relationships you created for the event. Separate tags by commas.