Research Focus Areas

The School of Packaging conducts cutting edge research in a broad number of areas related to packaging. The research is both fundamental and applied, and is funded by a number of sources including State and Federal grants, private industry, and foundations. Researchers within The School collaborate with a large number of groups across the MSU campus, other research universities, not-for-profit research centers, and private industry.



Our research faculty have a diverse range of interests related to Packaging.  If your organization is interested in sponsoring a research project, please contact the faculty member(s) working in that area to discuss potential opportunities.

Information on research interests of faculty members can be found here.

Please also see our information on recent research publications and graduate student studies.



Packaging Interactions with the consumer:

  • Evaluating label performance and compliance
  • Packaging accessibility for pharmaceutical and medical devices
  • Developing new forms of communication within the package
  • Examining and outlining regulatory compliance and concerns
  • Marketing as applied to the packaging system
  • Virtual design of packaging systems
  • History of packaging

Packaging Interactions with the product:

  • Permeability of gases and vapor through packaging materials and systems
  • Active packaging: develop safety components within the packaging material for an active role in the quality and safety of food and pharmaceutical products
  • Migration and scalping of additives from the packaging material
  • Assessing regulatory implementation

Packaging Interactions with the environment:

  • Developing sustainability concepts and methodology
  • Evaluating sustainable materials: LCA, bio-degradability, recyclability, etc.
  • Evaluation of distribution performance
  • Reusable packaging system analysis

New packaging materials:

  • Developing new sustainable packaging materials
  • Identifying and evaluating new indicators for packaging sustainability
  • Method development and validation for evaluating packaging material performance

Packaging processes:

  • Packaging distribution and logistics within supply chains
  • Impact of packaging processes on the finished product’s business plan
  • Quality design as applied to packaging