Parent Education

The development of basic life skills begins in early childhood. MSU Extension is here to support parents and caregivers in ensuring young children learn to grow, thrive and contribute in a complex and changing world.

The future of Michigan depends on the success of its children; the knowledge and skills they develop today will have an impact on their ability to lead later in life. Research shows that the possession of skills such as verbal and nonverbal communication, the ability to work cooperatively, a sense of responsibility and respect, community involvement, decision making and problem solving are all predictors of not only academic success but also of success in the community and workforce.

Since the development of these basic life skills begins in early childhood, it is vital that parents and caregivers are equipped with the tools to help children embrace these skills and learn to grow, thrive and contribute in a complex and changing world. To help address this critical area of need, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension provides early childhood programs that help parents,caregivers and other important adults in the lives of children from birth to age 8 develop important skills. 

For more information, contact an early childhood educator near you.


  • Apr 8

    Online Mindfulness for Children

    April 8, 2020 6:00PM - 7:00PM 6 pm - 7 pm EST

    Did you know the benefits of mindfulness for children include improving self-regulation, academic success, social skills, empathy and patience? (Gilliam & Shahar 2006, Fernando 2013)

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