Chronic Pain PATH is a six-week self-management workshop designed to help people to take an active role in managing chronic pain.  

Adults of all ages interested in managing chronic pain are welcome to attend, including those living with chronic pain, family members and caregivers.  ChronicPainPATH

Participants learn strategies and skills to manage chronic pain such as: 

  • Dealing with difficult emotions, poor sleep, fatigue, and stress 
  • Planning and pacing activities 
  • Developing exercise and healthy eating plans 
  • Managing medications and preventing medication misuse 
  • Communicating with family, friends and healthcare providers 
  • Decision making and evaluating treatment options 
  • Goal setting 

MSU Extension offers Chronic Pain PATH in two formats: 

  • In-person: Meets for six weeks; each weekly session lasts 2.5 hours with a break provided 
  • Online via Zoom: Meets for six weeks; each weekly session lasts two hours with a break provided