Aakash Pandey, Ph.D.

Aakash Pandey

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Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Campa Lab
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife


I am broadly interested in ecology and evolution of infectious diseases. I did my PhD with Dr. Tom Platt at Kansas State University. I studied how virulence evolves in facultative pathogens using both theory and experiments as part of my dissertation work. Currently, I am working on developing disease dynamic models to inform bovine TB management strategies in Michigan. I am working with Drs Henry Campa (MSU), Kim Pepin (NWRC, Fort Collins), and Kurt VerCauteren (NWRC, Fort Collins). I am currently stationed at the National Wildlife Research Center in Fort Collins. More information about my current and previous research is available at this link: https://evomathbio101.wordpress.com/