Amor V.M. Ines, Ph.D.

Amor V.M. Ines
Telephone: 517-353-0145

Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

Assistant Professor

Plant and Soil Science Building,
1066 Bogue St., Room 584B,
East Lansing, MI 48824

Climate & agriculture, remote sensing for agriculture & water mgmt, vadose zone hydrology, agri-modeling, data assimmilation.


Ph.D., Water Engineering & Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
M.Sc., Water Engineering & Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
B.Sc., Agricultural Engineering (magna cum laude), Mariano Marcos State University, Philippines

General areas of expertise: 

Climate and agriculture, remote sensing, agricultural modeling, vadose zone hydrology, data assimilation, optimization, inverse modeling, agro-information service


Overview of current program:

Ines' group works on the integrations of advanced modeling techniques, in-situ/proximal/remote sensing and advanced climate information for decision supports in agriculture and water management. Using agricultural models, data science, simulation and optimization techniques, we seek to understand the complex processes of the agricultural production system (at different scales) and its interactions with climate, soil, plants/livestock and management to: elucidate adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate variability and change; assess adoption potential and impact of new technologies on smallholder farming system performance and food security; study potentials of social-ecological agricultural systems; elucidate drivers of sustainable intensification and improved soil and water management. We are interested to explore the whole value-chain of data generation-integration-modeling-value-added information-dissemination for a smarter decision support in agriculture.



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Courses taught:

Developing a graduate course on: Applied Agricultural Systems Modeling 


Websites of Interest 

Tomorrow's Rice: A web-based crop simulation system for rice. (; (How to use video demo.)

Multiple Regression Tool for Crop Predictability Analysis (Fortran) (

GCM Bias Correction Tool for Cropping System Modeling (Fortran) (

Quasi-analytic Tool for Modeling Solute Transport in the Soil Profile (Fortran) (

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