Andrew Dennhardt

Andrew Dennhardt

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Major Advisor: 

Gary Roloff


East Moline, IL


Andrew Dennhardt is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University. His primary research interests focus on species' distributions, individual animal movements, group demography, and environmental factors, especially how each shapes fisheries and wildlife population and community dynamics in space and time. Employing novel tools in quantitative ecology, Andrew enjoys investigating the abundance and distribution of species along with the organization and maintenance of their communities. Andrew is active in the Fisheries and Wildlife graduate student community, and he also serves as a statistical consultant at the Center for Statistical Training and Consulting. His dissertation research includes work with multivariate spatiotemporal data on: (1) fish communities in the Great Lakes, (2) birds and groundcover plant communities in managed forests, and (3) bird communities and species' distributions and population dynamics in North America.

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