April Athnos

April Athnos


Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

PhD Student | GSO President


B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
M.S, University of Colorado

Major Professor: Soren Anderson

Areas of Specialization: Environmental Economics; Dual Major with Economics Department

Expected Graduation: Summer 2021

April is originally from Wauwatosa, WI where she played in creeks and learned to love cycling from her father. After high school, April attended UW Eau Claire and found a new home in the economics department with mentors Eric Jamelske and Thomas Kemp. Their guidance led her to the University of Colorado where she discerned her passion for studying water resources (and spent her free time on a mountain bike or skiing.) Now, as an MSU AFRE student, April enjoys long walks around the beautiful campus and feels strongly aligned with its Land Grant mission. April is interested in pursuing tenure track assistant professorship positions that include teaching and research.