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Clara Jungermann

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Clara Jungermann is a Michigan State University Extension 4-H program coordinator in Berrien County. She has served in this role since 2021.
In this role, Clara Jungermann provides leadership and management of local 4-H programs, volunteers, and youth participants in Berrien County. She promotes and strengthens the Berrien County 4-H program by developing programs and partnerships, promoting, and evaluating 4-H programs, and recruiting and training volunteers. Clara is also the liaison from the state Michigan 4-H office and helps to ensure that statewide opportunities and information is available to local participants.
Clara grew up in the Missouri 4-H program, where she participated in projects that included swine, expressive arts and crafts, cake decorating, sewing, photography, community service and several leadership roles in her club and county program. She also served as a Missouri 4-H Volunteer for serval years.
Prior to joining MSU Extension in 2021, Clara attended Missouri State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications and a minor in International Relations. In 2020, she earned her Master of Agriculture degree in International Agriculture - Rural Development, Extension Outreach and Communications from Oklahoma State University. While attending OSU, Clara was a graduate assistant on the team hosting 2019 Mandela Washington Fellows attending the Young African Leaders in Agriculture institute at OSU. Clara then participated in a reciprocal exchange with a Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni working in Kenya with Akimma Africa to develop their community outreach plan.