Collin Tarr

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4-H Program Coordinator
Shiawassee County Extension Office


Collin Tarr is a Michigan State University Extension 4-H Program Coordinator in Shiawassee County. He has served in this role since June 2024. Collin provides leadership and management for local 4-H programs, volunteers, and participants throughout Shiawassee County. He works to promote and grow the 4-H programs across the county, as well as recruiting and managing volunteers.
Prior to joining MSU Extension in 2024, Collin worked extensively in the public and private sectors of the outdoor industry with groups like Moosejaw Mountaineering, the Quiet Adventures Society, the Michigan Waterway Stewards, and more. Throughout his adult life, Collin has worked passionately to strengthen communities through educational programming and resource distribution.
Collin grew up in the northeast of the United States where he cultivated his passion for the outdoors throughout the region. He attended the University of Redlands and graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in music composition with an emphasis in theory.