Donatien Pascal Kamdem, PhD

Donatien Pascal Kamdem

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School of Packaging



Adjunct Professor, School of Planning Design and Construction Management

Biological-Chemical-physical-Mechanical properties of Packaging made of renewable-disposable-reusable-recyclable-biodegradable carbon sequestering lignocellulosic biomass materials such as wood, wood and natural fibers. Technology to reduce cost and improve service life of lignocelluloses based Packaging materials against biological, chemical and physical degradation using innovative technology. Value added products from nature ecosystem to support nature and forest ecosystem management.

Courses Taught:

PKG 322: Wood, paper and paperboard manufacturing and properties to produce packaging materials.  

FOR 304: Anatomical, physical, chemical, biological and mechanical properties of wood in relation to lumber manufacturing and pulp and paper production . wood protection and recycling into high value products.

PKG 491:Logistical Packaging study abroad in collaboration with Lund University, Sweden



Alternatives to ozone depletable methyl bromine for the control of insects and mold on wood based packaging.

High value values from lignocellulosic for sustainable packaging (wood Hemicellulose and cellulose for flexible biodegradable films)

Innovative sustainable and ecological strategies to improve the service life of bio-based materials (construction building-furniture-Packaging)

Recycling wood retired from service

Instructional Activities:

PKG 322 Packaging-Paper and Paperboard: Physical and chemical properties, manufacture, conversion, and use of wood, paper, paperboard, and related components in packaging. Design, use, and evaluation of packages.
PKG 490 Directed Studies in Packaging: Development of solutions to specific packaging problems. Supervised individual study.
PKG 992  Packaging Seminar: Presentations of detailed studies on specialized aspects of packaging.