Enya deFeijter

Enya deFeijter

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4-H Program Coordinator
Ogemaw County Extension Office


Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Michigan State University
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education from Florida Atlantic University

Enya deFeijter has been with Michigan State University Extension in Ogemaw County since fall of 2021. Born and raised in the East Lansing area, she attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate studies. She received her Bachelor of Science in 2018 from the College of Natural Science (Zoology), with a minor from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources' Department of Fisheries & Wildlife. She also possesses a graduate certificate in Environmental Education.

Prior to her role with MSU Extension, she served as a staff teaching biologist and environmental educator for a nonprofit organization in South Florida for several years, working with a diverse audience of youth and adults from around the country. In her current role as a 4-H Program Coordinator, in addition to supporting the current clubs within her community, Enya hopes to bring new and exciting programming in the world of wildlife, environmental science, and natural resources. These opportunities collectively equip youth to not only lead today… but to continue to explore issues, address and support their community’s unique needs, and remain engaged with the community into the future. 

Some of the programs and organizations that Enya is a part of include: Michigan Association of Extension 4-H Youth Staff, Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education, Meridian Conservation Corps, Ogemaw County Children's Protection Council - and the list continues to grow in an effort to best serve her community.