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James Kielbaso

James Kielbaso


Department of Forestry

Professor Emeritus, Urban Forestry and Arboriculture

117 Natural Resources Building

Research Interests

  • Amelioration of heavily compacted soils; soil and planting.
  • Improvements on heavy clay soil
  • Status of street trees nationally
  • Management practices of U.S. urban foresters
  • Urban tree nitrogen fertilizer comparison
  • Dogwood genetic differences
  • Diplodia-resistant Austrian pine
  • Social attitudes toward neighborhood trees
  • Herbicide use by U.S. utilities.
  • Dendroremidiation of toxic/polluted soils
  • Sulfur treatment under sidewalks for reduced root problems


  • Urban forestry extension
  • Annually coordinate with the Department of Forestry’s Tree Research Center to grow and facilitate distribution of Champion Catalpa seedlings to the legislative districts
  • Chair, MS Guidance Committee for Kevin Nietering.  2015-2017
  • Mid-Michigan Agriculture and Natural Resources Club. Membership Committee.  2015-current
  • Science Advisory Board for America Forests Assoc.  2011-current
  • Board of Directors, Integrated Vegetation Management, Partners.  2010-current
  • Meridian Township, Land Preservation Advisory Board.  2007-current.  Chair, 2011-2017
  • Michigan Forestry and Park Association – President.  2005-current
  • Meridian Township, Environmental Commission Member. 2001-current
  • MSU Foresters Alumni Association - Treasurer - 25 years.  1991- 2016
  • Consulted with Sterling State Park at Monroe, Michigan, to access conditions of trees along shoreline after storm.  Summer 2015
  • Patriarche Park Evaluation of Hazard Trees for Playground Renovation.  2013
  • Led MSUAA Evening College, MSU Tree Walkabout, Fall Semesters 2007-2012
  • Chair, Ph.D. Guidance Committee for Charles Wade.  2005-2010
  • Dominican Republic Trip with Michigan Partners of the Americas.  Explored opportunities with farmer to farmer program. 2009
  • External Ph.D. Committee member for Caroline Law, student of Professor C.Y. Jim.  Hong Kong University.  2009
  • Served on National Urban & Community Forestry Advisory Council, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 2006-2009
  • Farm Lane Society Charter Member, 2004
  • Study abroad: Brazil - Biodiversity, Ecosystem Protection and Management held summer semesters 2001-2004
  • Represented MSU Alumni Assoc. during travel experiences – Mediterranean Adventure, Baltic Cruise and Columbia River Cruise
  • Consult to help create a maintenance plan for the white pine, commonly known as “Carl,” at the State Library and Michigan History Museum atrium, 1989-current
  • President of International Society of Arboriculture-1994


  • ANR Alumni Distinguished Faculty Award-1991
  • ISA Award for Excellence in Arboricultural Education, 2001
  • ISA Award for Arboricultural Research-1984
  • ISA Author's Citation-1979

Programs and Grants

  • Monitoring the growth and development of urban forests over time in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Bowling Green, Ohio (American Forestry Association, U.S. Forest Service National Urban Forest Inventory Project)
  • Michigan street tree conditions - A 20 city study
  • Development planning for an urban forestry nature center (MSU Foundation)
  • Dendroremidiation of polluted soils, MIDEQ-funded program

Selected Publications

Wade, C. and J. Kielbaso. 2014. The Lack of Sustainability by not Replacing Dead or Hazard Trees in United States, Midwest Cities. Hiroshima. The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability 9(4):61.

Wade, C. and J. Kielbaso. 2013.  Green Infrastructure: Condition Changes in Six USA Urban Forests   Nordic Journal of Architectural Research. Issue 2, 2013:255-274.

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Kielbaso, J. 2008. Management of Urban Forests in the United States. Chapter 15 in Ecology, Planning, and Management of Urban Forests - International Perspectives. Editors: M. Carreiro, Y. Song, J. Wu. Springer Series on Environmental Management, N.Y.:241-258.

J. Eckert, M. O’Connor, & J. Kielbaso. 2004. The effects of utility line tree trimming on the spread of oak wilt.  Tree Barks - Newsletter of the Michigan Forestry and Park Association. Nov-Dec 2004 15: (5)6-7.

Kielbaso, J.J. 1995. The urban environment and the tree. Proceedings: The First Italian Conference on the Tree in the City. L'Albero in Citta Prime Giornate Internazionali Meranesi: 37-50. Merano, Italy. April. 4-6, 1995.

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Kielbaso, J.J. and T.S. Bynum. 1993. Exploration of an urban forestry/juvenile justice model for adjudicated youth. Department of Forestry and School of Criminal Justice. Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI.

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Wu, Z., S. Jamieson, and J. Kielbaso. 1991. Urban forest pest management. J. of Arboriculture 17(6):150-158.

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Smiley, E.T., J.J. Kielbaso and P.V. Nguyen. 1986. Soil factors associated with manganese deficiency of urban sugar and red maples. Journal of Arboriculture. 12(7): 169-173.


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Lansing Farmers Club – 2016.  How well do you know your trees?

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