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Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife




Dr. Jean V. Adams is a research fishery biologist and statistician with the US Geological Survey – Great Lakes Science Center (USGS) in Ann Arbor. She also works for the bi-national (US and Canada) Great Lakes Fishery Commission, formed in the 1950s to control sea lampreys. Her research focuses on invasive Great Lakes sea lamprey ecology and management – to better control and quantify these invaders and understand their relation to native lake trout, their preferred prey.  She is always looking for new ways to visualize patterns in complex data.


My goal is to quantify and explain inconsistencies in the abundance of lake trout, the abundance of sea lamprey, and the observed wounding rates on lake trout in the Great Lakes.

Selected Publications:

Adams, J. V., Slaght, K. S., and Boogaard, M. A.  2016.  An automated approach to Litchfield and Wilcoxon's evaluation of dose-effect experiments using the R package LW1949.  Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Adams, J. V., Riley, S. C., and Adlerstein, S. A.  2009.  Development of fishing power corrections for 12-m Yankee and 21-m wing bottom trawls used in Lake Huron.  Great Lakes Fishery Commission Technical Report 68.

Adams, J. V., Argyle, R. L., Fleischer, G. W., Curtis, G. L., and Stickel, R. G.  2006.  Improving the design of acoustic and midwater trawl surveys through stratification, with an application to Lake Michigan prey fishes.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 26: 612-621.

Adams, J. V., Bergstedt, R. A., Christie, G. C., Cuddy, D. W., Fodale, M. F., Heinrich, J. W., Jones, M. L., McDonald, R. B., Mullett, K. M., and Young, R. J.  2003.  Assessing assessment: Can the expected effects of the St. Marys River sea lamprey control strategy be detected?  Journal of Great Lakes Research 29: 717-727.

Lantry, B. F., Adams, J. V., Christie, G. C., Schaner, T., Bowlby, J., Keir, M. J., Lantry, J. R., Sullivan, W. P., Bishop, D., Treska, T., Morrison, B. J.  2015.  Sea lamprey mark type, marking rate, and parasite-host relationships for lake trout and other species in Lake Ontario.  Journal of Great Lakes Research 41(1):266–279.

Robinson, J. M., Wilberg, M. J., Adams, J. V., and Jones, M. L.  2016.  Tradeoff between assessment and control of aquatic invasive species: a case study of sea lamprey management in the St . Marys River.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 36(1):11-20.

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