Jonathan Hegna

Jonathan Hegna

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

MSU Natural Resources Building, rm 18B

Major Advisor:

Kim Scribner


Jonathan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Michigan State University.  He earned a B.S. in biology from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2011 and an M.S. in biology in 2013 from Central Washington University in the Pacific Northwest.  At MSU Jonathan’s research primarily centers on evaluating passage behavior and survival for juvenile lake sturgeon at hydroelectric dams.  In particular, he is engaged in comparing survival rates between vertical shaft Kaplan turbine systems and Leffel type-z vertical shaft turbine systems.  He is also using acoustic telemetry to examine fine-scale passage behavior and habitat use patterns in small reservoirs.  Jonathan’s research also aims to characterize the residency behavior of juvenile lake sturgeon inhabiting small reservoirs, and he is evaluating best surgical practices for the intraceolomic implantation of transmitters into juvenile lake sturgeon.  Results will be used to inform managers about juvenile lake sturgeon behavior in small reservoirs and to guide fish passage engineering projects at hydroelectric dams.  

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