Kelly Robinson, Ph.D.

Kelly Robinson
Telephone: 517-884-8872

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Assistant Professor

MSU Natural Resources Bldg., rm 2B

Areas of expertise:

Fish ecology and conservation, fisheries management, decision analysis for natural resources management


Ph.D., Fisheries Science, University of Georgia, 2011
M.S., Marine Biology, College of Charleston, 2006
B.A., Biology and Spanish, University of Virginia, 2001


My position, which is funded by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, is part of the Partnership for Ecosystem Health and Management. My research is focused on the ecology and management of Great Lakes fishes. I am interested in applying the tenets of structured decision making and adaptive management to decision problems for the management of the Great Lakes and their resources. I also am interested in the ecology of sculpins in the Great Lakes, as well as other deepwater fish species. I am part of the Quantitative Fisheries Center, which was created in 2005 to engage with our partners on fishery management problems.

Courses Taught:

FW 854- Adaptive Management of Natural Resource Systems

Publication Profiles:

MSU Scholars Profile

Selected Publications:

Robinson, K.F. and A.K. Fuller. 2017. Guiding stakeholders through the process: Participatory modeling and structured decision making. In: Including Stakeholders in Environmental Modeling: Considerations, Methods, and Applications. S. Gray, M. Paolisso, S. Gray, and R. Jordan, editors.

Robinson, K.F., A.K. Fuller, M.V. Schiavone, B.L. Swift, D.R. Diefenbach, W.F. Siemer, D.J. Decker. 2017. Addressing wild turkey (Meleagris gallapavo) population declines using structured decision making. Journal of Wildlife Management 81(3): 393–405.

Robinson, K.F., A.K. Fuller, J.E. Hurst, B.L. Swift, A. Kirsch, J. Farquhar, D.J. Decker, W.F. Siemer. 2016. Structured decision making as a framework for large-scale wildlife harvest management decisions. Ecosphere 7(12): e01613.

Cohen, J., Hecht, A., K.F. Robinson, E.E. Osnas, A.J. Tyre, C. Davis, A. Kocek, B. Maslow, S. Melvin. 2016. To exclose nests or not: structured decision making for the conservation of a threatened species. Ecosphere 7(10):e01499.

Robinson, K.F., D.R. Diefenbach, A.K. Fuller, J.E. Hurst, C.S. Rosenberry. 2014. Can managers compensate for coyote predation of white-tailed deer? Journal of Wildlife Management 78:571–579.

Robinson, K.F. and C.A. Jennings. 2014. Productivity of functional guilds of fishes in managed wetlands in coastal South Carolina. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 5:70–86.

Robinson, K.F. and C.A. Jennings. 2014. A comparison of resident fish assemblages in managed and unmanaged coastal wetlands in North Carolina and South Carolina, USA. Southeastern Naturalist 13:237–260.

Robinson, K.F. and C.A. Jennings. 2012. Maximizing recruitment of age-0 spot (Leiostomus xanthurus) from a South Carolina estuary: an evaluation of coastal impoundment management alternatives via structured decision-making. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 4:156–172.

Filer, K.R. and G.R. Sedberry. 2008. Age, growth and reproduction of the barrelfish Hyperoglyphe perciformis (Mitchill) in the western North Atlantic. Journal of Fish Biology 72:861–882.

Affiliated Pages:

Quantitative Fisheries Center

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