Kurt H. Schindler, AICP

Kurt Schindler


Manistee County Extension Office

Senior Educator

Kurt H. Schindler, AICP, is a Distinguished Senior Educator Emeritus in Government and Public Policy, with a focus in land use (planning, zoning, community development) for Michigan State University Extension.  He retired from Extension in April 2017. Schindler is well-known to crowds attending Citizen Planner, Michigan Association of Planning, MSU Extension and Networks Northwest training programs. His work with MSU Extension has focused on land use (planning and zoning) with specialization in right to farm act/urban agriculture; property rights; due process; wind energy; public participation; joint planning act; form based code; development in the new/global economy; placemaking; land division act; government fiscal sustainability; and water protection (ground, surface water, and wetlands).  He also has more than 38 years of local planning experience in Michigan as a County Planning Director, consultant, and in MSU Extension.

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