Mahir Demir, Ph.D.

Mahir Demir

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Research Associate - Peacor Lab / Quantitative Fisheries Center

Telephone: 517-980-4590

MSU Natural Resources Building, Room 22

Area of Expertise:

Data analysis and modeling; infectious diseases and optimal control strategies; ecosystem-based (fishery) management strategies

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  • PhD - Applied Mathematics (Minors: Computational Sciences, Statistics), University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2019
  • MS - Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2017
  • MS - Mathematics, Gaziantep University, 2012
  • MA - Mathematics Education, Adiyaman University, 2010
  • BS - Mathematics, Inonu University, 2009


I received my B.S. from Inonu University in May 2009. In August 2009, I began my graduate career at Adiyaman University, in the Department of Mathematics Education. After graduating with my Master's degree from Adiyaman University, I went to Gaziantep University, where I got my second Master's degree in the Department of Mathematics. In 2014, I began my Ph.D. work at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and was supported by a graduate teaching assistantship from the Department of Mathematics. I received my third Master's degree in the Department of Mathematics in 2017, and then graduated in May 2019 with my Ph.D. in Mathematics with a concentration in Mathematical Ecology as well as two Ph.D. minors in Computational Science and in Statistics. 


My research at MSU is both related to developing new methodology for State Space Modeling to examine time series ecological data and evaluating how Bythotrephes (a predator), physical factors (i.e., stratification and temperature), and interactive effects affect zooplankton production and vertical position in the Great Lake (I am working with James Bence and Scott Peacor in this project).

Selected Publications:

Sahin, M., and M. Demir. 2012. Lattice-valued Caratheodory extension theorem, Archives Des Sciences, 65:89-106.

Demir, M., and S. Lenhart. In press. Optimal sustainable fishery management of the Black Sea anchovy with food chain modeling framework. Natural Resources Modeling e12253.