Mingyuan Yang

Mingyuan Yang


Department of Animal Science

Assistant Professor

Telephone: 517-432-5401

1230E Anthony Hall


PhD, University of British Columbia
Postdoc, Cornell University


Reproductive & Developmental Sciences Program


My long-term research goal is to better understand the biology of ovarian follicular development and the effects of environmental factors on ovarian functions and female fertility.  Ongoing research focuses on three areas:  1) Hormonal and molecular regulation of steroidogenesis & follicle formation and activation in bovine fetal ovaries; 2) In vitro growth and maturation of follicles: development of oocytes from bovine primordial follicles to maturity using a multistage strategy; and 3) Cattle as model for determining the effects and mechanisms of action of environmental factors on mammalian ovarian follicles and female fertility.