Mohammed Beroud

Mohammed Beroud

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Mohammed Beroud

Dual Major Ph.D. (ABD) Candidate

Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

Department of Economics


Thesis committee: Awokuse, Titus (Chair); Ahlin, Christian; Liverpool-Tasie, Saweda Onipede; Reardon, Thomas; Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.

Fields of interest: Agricultural Development and Applied Econometrics

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2024.

Bio: Mohammed Beroud joined Michigan State University in the fall of 2019. He is currently a Ph.D. (ABD) Candidate, pursuing a dual major in the Economics and AFRE departments. His thesis explores the impact of participation in global value chains on the transformation of agrifood systems. He earned his engineering degree in agricultural sciences from the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II and completed preparatory classes in Mathematics, Biology, and Geomatics. Also, Mohammed holds a M.S. degree in Agricultural Management from the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies in Montpellier. Prior to joining MSU, Mohammed engaged in various data collection and research projects, demonstrating a strong interest in fieldwork and data-driven policy making.

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