Michelle Rutty

Michelle Rutty

Telephone: 517-353-9501

Department of Community Sustainability

Assistant Professor

Natural Resources Building
480 Wilson Road, Rm 319
East Lansing, MI 48824


Michelle Rutty is an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Tourism in the Department of Community Sustainability. Her research involves interdisciplinary scholarship that brings together social and natural scientific approaches (surveys, focus groups, micro-meteorological measurements, downscaled climate change scenarios) to examine human dimensions of climate change, particularly as it relates to the tourism sector.

Prior to joining MSU, Michelle was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Interdisciplinary Centre on Climate Change at the University of Waterloo (Canada). During this time, her research examined the vulnerability of coastal tourism in the Caribbean, as well as winter sports tourism (Canada, USA, Olympic Winter Games), to climate change. This work has received international recognition, including awards from the Travel and Tourism Research Association, the World Meteorological Organization, as well as the World Tourism Forum. Michelle has also been invited to speak at a number of industry conferences to translate scientific knowledge into relevant information to aid tourism communities with climatic adaptation. Michelle holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Waterloo and a BA in International Development Studies from the University of Guelph.

Key Research Areas for Graduate Supervision

Sustainable tourism, climate change and tourism, resource management, climate and society

Selected Publications

Rutty, M., and Scott, D. (2016). Comparison of Climate Preferences for Domestic and International Beach Holidays: A Case Study of Canadian Travelers. Atmosphere, 7(2), 30 - 42.

Scott, D., Rutty, M., Amelung, B., and Tang, M. (2016). An Inter-Comparison of the Holiday Climate Index (HCI) and the Tourism Climate Index (TCI) in Europe. Atmosphere, 7(6), 80 - 97.

Rutty, M., Scott, D., Johnson, P., Jover, E., Pons, M., and Steiger, R. (2015). The Geography of Skier Adaptation to Adverse Conditions in the Ontario Ski Market. The Canadian Geographer, 59(4): 391 – 403.

Rutty, M., Scott, D., Johnson, P., Jover, E Pons, M., and Steiger, R. (2015). Behavioural Adaptation of Skiers to Climatic Variability and Change in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 11: 13 – 21.

Rutty, M., Scott, D., Steiger, R., and Johnson, P. (2015). Weather Risk Management at the Olympic Winter Games. Current Issues in Tourism, 18(10): 931 – 946.

Rutty, M., and Scott, D. (2015). Bioclimatic Comfort and the Thermal Perceptions and Preferences of Beach Tourists. International Journal of Biometeorology, 59: 37 – 45.

Scott, D., Rutty, M., and Steiger, R. (2015). Future of the Olympic Winter Games. Journal of Olympic History. 23(1): 52 – 61. (Invited)

Scott, D., Steiger, R., Rutty, M., and Johnson, P. (2015). The Future of the Olympic Winter Games in an Era of Climate Change. Current Issues in Tourism, 18(10): 913 – 930.

Rutty, M., Matthews, L., Scott, D., and Del Matto, T. (2014). Using Vehicle Monitoring Technology and Eco-Driver Training to Reduce Fuel Use and Emissions in Tourism: A Ski Resort Case Study. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 22(5): 787 – 800.

Rutty, M., and Andrey, J. (2014). Weather Forecast Use for Winter Recreation. Weather, Climate, and Society, 6(3): 293 – 306.

Rutty, M., and Scott, D. (2014). Thermal Range of Coastal Tourism Microclimates. Tourism Geographies, 16(3): 346 – 363.

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