Naresh Khanal

Naresh Khanal

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Master's student
Department of Forestry



Graduate Research Assistant at Natural Resource Economics and Social Sciences Lab

Graduate Supervisor: Raju Pokharel, Ph.D.


Past Degrees

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Forestry: 2015-2019
    • Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Campus, Tribhuvan University Nepal 


Current Research

Working to suggest optimal locations for establishing mass timber processing facilities in Michigan and assessing economic impacts associated with these facilities using IMPLAN.


Previous research experience

  1. Undergraduate research on the response of wild ungulates along with the management and human disturbance gradient in Bardia National Park, Nepal.
  2. Intern for a project on Camera trapping survey of tiger and other species in Bardia National Park conducted by Biome Health Project, UK in collaboration with WWF Nepal and the Institute of Forestry, Nepal.
  3. Research scholar in a project on Ganges river dolphin conservation in Karnali river, Nepal by River Dolphin Trust, Nepal.
  4. Research Assistant for a project on human-snow leopard conflict in Nepal conducted by the Centre for Ecological Studies.


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