Nathan Brugnone PhD

Nathan Brugnone

CSUS - Complex {Adaptive} Systems, Computational Mathematics, Social-Ecological Systems Modeling, Machine Learning

Program: Community Sustainability (CSUS), Computational Math, Science, & Engineering (CMSE)

Hometown: Brighton, Ml, USA

Advisor: Robert Richardson

Nathan Brugnone is pursuing a dual PhD in Community Sustainability (CSUS) and Computational Math, Science, & Engineering (CMSE). His research spans (i) the mathematics of Machine Learning and its application to Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling; and (ii) application of Complex Systems Modeling to Coupled Social-Ecological Systems, including natural resource economies and agricultural systems. This research structure harnesses scholarly reflexivity by employing the theoretical for development of the applied and vice versa.

Nathan is a passionate educator. He has served as course assistant for MTH 496: Machine Learning, co-taught SOIL 201 at Washington State University, and currently tutors students at the MSU Math Learning Center (MLC).

Nathan seeks an academic position through which to further the theory and applications of Machine Learning to Complex Systems while supporting the pursuits of fellow researchers, practitioners, students, and educators.

Nathan is currently a scholar with the Sustainable Michigan Endowed Project (SMEP). He can be found spending time with his son and family, microfarming, running, and writing and performing music for a handful of cats.

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