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Nick Boucher

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Ph.D. Student
Quantitative Fisheries Center


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  • M.Sc. 2019. Natural Resources and Environment (Conservation Ecology), University of Michigan—School for Environment and Sustainability
  • B.A. 2014.  Environmental Science, Goucher College


I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and became interested in aquatic ecosystems after becoming SCUBA certified for a class project. In high school I volunteered with the Wissahickon Watershed Association. During my course of study at Goucher College, I studied marine biology in Roatan, Honduras. Upon graduating, I worked as an aquatic specialist at the National Institutes of Health Shared Zebrafish Facility until leaving to pursue an M.Sc. at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS). At SEAS, my thesis research focused on the trophic dynamics of Lake Michigan following the invasion of dreissenid mussels. I used the Atlantis ecosystem model to investigate how trophic dynamics change under different nutrient and mussel biomass scenarios. After graduating from SEAS, I worked at the Great Lakes Fishery Commission where I helped to administer the Fishery Research Program and the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS). My PhD research will focus on supporting GLATOS.


My research interest is in developing and evaluating statistical models to inform movement ecology. I will primarily use simulated data to better understand model assumptions and pitfalls for acoustic telemetry analyses.

Selected Publications:

Muir, A.M., J. Bernhardt, N. Boucher, C. Cvitanovic, J. Dettmers, M. Gaden, J. Hinderer, B. Locke, K. Robinson, M. Siefkes, N. Young, S. Cooke. 2023. Confronting a post-pandemic new-normal—threats and opportunities to trust-based relationships in natural resource science and management. Journal of Environmental Management 330: 117-140

Musset, K., S. Chiblow, R. Whitlow, R. Lauzon, K. Almack, N. Boucher, A. Duncan, A. Reid. 2022. Wise Practices: Indigenous-Settler Relations in Great Lakes Water & Fish Governance and Conservation. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

Sturtevant, R.S., E. Lower, N. Boucher, A. Bartos, D. Mason, E. Rutherford, F. Martinez, A. Elgin. 2022. NOAA Technical Memorandum 176: A gap analysis of the state of knowledge of Great Lakes nonindigenous species. Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. Ann Arbor, MI.

Boucher, N.B., H. Zhang, D. Mason, E. Rutherford. 2019. Examining the relative effects of nutrient loads and invasive Dreissena mussels on Lake Michigan’s food web using an ecosystem model. Master’s Thesis. University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability.

Sturtevant R.S., E. Lower, N. Boucher, P. Alsip, K. Hopper, and S. Lott. 2019. NOAA Technical Memorandum 161b: 2018 Update to an Impact Assessment of Great Lakes Aquatic Nonindigenous Species. Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. Ann Arbor, MI.

Lower, E., N. Boucher, P. Alsip, K. Hopper, A. Davidson, R. and Sturtevant. 2019. NOAA Technical Memorandum 169b: A Risk Assessment of Potential Great Lakes Aquatic Invaders. Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. Ann Arbor, MI