Otto Suchsland

Otto Suchsland

Department of Forestry

Professor Emeritus, Wood Science

Research Interests

Wood composites, including particleboard and fiberboard as well as new developments utilizing recycled plastics and recycled wood fiber.

Individual research projects include dimensional stability of wood composites; effect of species composition on particleboard characteristics; use of recycled newsprint as furnish for particleboard and fiberboard; manufacture of composites from recycled wood fibers and recycled thermoplastics

Programs and Grants

  • Advanced technology application to eastern hardwood utilization (USDA).
  • Warping of overlaid particleboard (National Particleboard Association Project)
  • Hygroscopic dimensional changes of wood and wood products (Cooperative State Research Service Project).

Selected Publications

Suchsland, O., and Hong Xu. 1991. Resin distribution and horizontal density distribution effects on wood composite durability. A model investigation. USDA-CSRS Competitive Research Grant Program, Grant 86FSTY-9-0227. Final report. Department of Forestry, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 49 p.

Suchsland, O., and Hong Xu. 1989. On the measurement of linear expansion of particleboard and medium density fiberboard. Forest Products Journal 39(6):39-42.

Suchsland, O., and G. E. Woodson. 1986. Fiberboard manufacturing practices in the United States. USDA Forest Service. Agriculture Handbook No. 640.263 p.

Suchsland, O., and J. D. McNatt. 1985. On the warping of laminated wood panels. Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 120 p.

Suchsland O., G. E Woodson, and C. W McMillin. 1983. Effect of hardboard process variables on fiberbonding. Forest Products Journal 33(4):58-64.

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