Phoebe Tuyishime

Phoebe Tuyishime

Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellows

Major: Nutritional Sciences

CANR Department: Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Minor: Global Public Health and Epidemiology

Status: Senior      

Hometown: Kigali, Rwanda

Internships & Work Experience

  • Internship at Clinton Health Access Initiative

Undergraduate Research

  • Worked with the Database Research Center by Dr. Song, part of Slow Food motion

Student Activities

  • African Student Association
  • Nutritional Sciences Student Association
  • Justin S. Morrill Leadership Fellow

"It’s always different to come into a new country, but it’s worth it. I have had supportive professors and advisors from CANR who are always interested in knowing what I am passionate about and through that I got many opportunities. My perfect job is as an epidemiologist because I’m interested in diseases, and how we can eradicate infectious diseases since they take the lives of many people when some can be easily prevented.”

— Phoebe Tuyishime, Nutritional Sciences Student