Steven Fong

Steven Fong

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Travis Brenden


Steven is originally from Southern California, close to the Los Angeles area. He attended Humboldt State University in Northern California where he earned his B.S. with a major in freshwater fisheries biology. He returned to Humboldt State University to earn his M.S. in fisheries biology.

As an undergraduate, Steven assisted in studies of population structure using microsatellites for several Northern California fish species in the Kinziger Lab at Humboldt State University. As a master’s student his research involved working with steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) applying SNP genotyping methods to study parental-based tagging in hatchery broodstock management, and population structure using temporal and spatial analysis.

From a young age Steven has had a deep-rooted passion for fish and has spent much of his life around fish. He has always felt an innate sense of commitment and responsibility to aid in the conservation, and preservation of fish species which continues to drive his research.

Steven is a PhD. Student and will be working in the Robinson/Scribner lab with Dr. John Robinson researching the performance of control measures used in the management of invasive sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) populations in the Great Lakes.