Robert D. Stevens

Robert D. Stevens

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Professor Emeritus
Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics

Ph.D., 1959. Cornell University
M.S.,1955. Cornell University
B.A., 1950. Princeton University


Professor Robert (Bob) Dale Stevens lived north of Boston in North Andover, Massachusetts, after birth in 1927.  His father was a textile manufacturer who supervised a large gentleman’s farm.  Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Bob served in the U. S. Army in 1951-52.  In 1953 as part of his MS program in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Cornell he worked on a research assistantship, participating on a summer survey team on insurance held by farmers in New York.  He also worked the summer of 1954 on the Cornell-Peru Project, in Hacienda VICOS, Peru.  

Following completion of his MS program at Cornell, he worked as an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 1956-7.  He also held a Ford Foundation Fellowship for research in Lebanon, 1957-8.  He completed his Ph.D at Cornell in 1959 with fields in: agronomy, anthropology, economics and agricultural development.

Early in his professional career he held a position as Visiting Professor, Council on Economic and Cultural Affairs, New York, N. Y., assigned to the National College of Agriculture, Bao Loc, South Vietnam. His assignments were teaching and completing research in French over the period, 1959-61.  He later worked from 1962-64 as an Agricultural Economist in the Economic Development Branch, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

From 1964-1990, Professor Stevens was at Michigan State University in the Department of Agricultural Economics.  He taught, advised graduate students and completed research on the economics of agricultural development.  He was also a Professor of Health Economics, with a half-time appointment in the College of Human Medicine, M. S. U. from 1974 -1990.


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  • Professor Stevens taught undergraduate courses on the economics of agricultural development.  He also authored or co-authored various text books used in teaching in this area (view books)
  • He taught in the National College of Agriculture, Bao Loc, South Vietnam in 1959-1961.


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