Yong Pu

Yong Pu

Telephone: 517-432-7066

Department of Animal Science


B212 Anthony Hall

Postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Almudena Veiga-Lopez Laboratory


  • BS, Anhui Agricultural University, China
  • MS, Anhui Agricultural University, China
  • PhD, Anhui Agricultural University, China
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Michigan State University


  • Reproductive and Developmental Science
  • Environmental Toxicology

Our research aims to understand the mechanisms of fetal origins of adult reproductive and metabolic disorders in mammals. In the laboratory, we use animal (sheep) and human models, cells (primary cell and commercial cell lines) and a variety of assays (3D modeling, cell biology, molecular biology and high-throughput sequencing) to explore how endocrine disrupting chemicals during prenatal life can reprogram a developing organism.

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