Yue Dou

Yue Dou


Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Research Associate - CSIS

115 Manly Miles Bldg.

Yue is a research associate in MSU's Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability (CSIS) on the National Science Foundation project that explores complex dynamics of telecoupled human and natural systems. Having been fascinated by the complexity of coupled human-natural systems since her senior year in undergrad, Yue accumulated 10+ years of experience in GIS and RS applications, land use models (particularly CLUE-S and ABM), and sustainability.

She is constructing an agent-based model to represent the soybean trade between Brazil and China, which will serve as a tool to help us understand and analyze telecoupling interactions and their impacts on sustainability.

During her PhD project, Yue investigated the resilience of vulnerable communities in less-developed areas (i.e., the Caboclo communities in the Brazilian Amazon delta) by quantitative methods and agent-based modeling. Besides research, Yue lectured Principles of GIS science, a major undergrad course in the University of Waterloo.

Yue Dou's CSIS Bio - including publication list


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