Affectionate Breathing

Dr. Roxane Chan leads a guided meditation on affectionate breathing.

June 9, 2020

Hello. During this recording, we are going to focus on our breath to allow us to find a sense of peace and calmness, whenever we need it. In order to get started, spend some time to find a posture in which your body is comfortable and will feel supported through the length of this meditation. Shifting your chair, add a pillow, move to a new location.

Now that you are settled, take a few slow, easy breaths and spend some time sensing into your body, using the breath to seek out and release any tension you might find there. Now, if you like, place a hand over your heart, or perhaps your belly or some other soothing place that you can accept, as a reminder that we are bringing not only awareness, but affectionate awareness to our breathing and to ourselves.

Turn your full attention to the rhythm of your breathing. Flowing in, flowing out, taking some time to feel the natural rhythm of your breath, perhaps beginning with the flow of the breath at the tip of your nose and moving to the sensation within your chest. Notice your breathing in your whole body, feeling your body breathe in, feeling your body breathe out, just letting your body breathe you. There's nothing else you need to do in this moment, in this space. Just bringing your awareness to your whole body, subtly moving with the breath, like the movement of waves on a gentle lake, allowing yourself to become aware of the peace and calm that is always there, riding on the natural and undisturbed waves of your breath.

Feeling your whole body gently rocked and caressed, internally caressed by your breathing. It's wonderful to know that when we stop making waves, and notice the waves of our breathing, we come to see that on our breathing writes love, reassurance, contentment. And in this space of observing our quiet breath, we can rest and find peace, breathing in peace, breathing out peace, breathing in love, breathing out love, breathing in reassurance, breathing out reassurance.

If you like, fully give yourself over to your breathing, letting your breathing be all there is, becoming the breath, breathing, just breathing. [inaudible 00:03:54]. And now, gently releasing your awareness of the breath and sit quietly in your own experience. Checking in with yourself now, and allowing yourself to feel whatever you're feeling and to be just as you are. Take a few breaths here to appreciate yourself in this moment. Now, slowly and gently open your eyes, returning to the world and your day's activities with this new awareness.