Demo Podcast


September 7, 2017

Lori Martin

Rufus IsaacsLori Martin began her professional career with MSU in 1985; 33 years later, she remains one of the university’s greatest assets. Lori not only has extraordinary skills in planning and improvising, but also in collaboration and leadership.

Those in her department recognize Lori as their point person – serving as the office manager and facilities issue person. This often means she must deal with heating, cooling and lighting issues; place and monitor furniture and carpet orders; handle electrical, and painting work orders; organize office moves; distribute keys; and more.

Lori also coordinates appointments and schedules for the MSU Extension institute directors, tracking details from many people in the process. Lori accomplishes these tasks promptly and efficiently while supporting the directors in other ways and filtering questions from their staff.

Her hard work and diligence help to create a successful work environment for the institute directors and the staff she supervises. Her contributions to MSU Extension over the years have been immeasurable. Her high level of commitment is evident to everyone who has the privilege of working with her. Lori is not only an outstanding colleague, but also a leader, transcending traditional support staff roles to exemplify a true professional of public higher education.