Stop D2

Eco-Transition Part 2

January 10, 2022

Did you find anything? If you're with others, take a minute to show and tell each other what you discovered. 

The Corey Marsh Ecological Research Center is full of plants and animals, also known as flora and fauna. Once the farming operation stopped, native flora and fauna started returning to the marsh and reclaiming it for their homes.

In fact, at the most recent bio blitz, when community volunteers come out to observe and count plants and animals, 436 different species were identified, including prairie voles and Blanding's turtles, which are pretty rare. When this was a farm, the fences were used to keep wildlife out, but now they're being removed to encourage wildlife to move back in. Posts that once held the fence in place are now purchase for birds, plants that were once considered weeds and remove to improve farming have returned, such as milkweed, stinging nettles and dogwood. Let's listen to some thoughts from the former farm manager about weeds.