Stop G

Reflection and Contemplation

January 10, 2022

Understanding and learning from our interactions with nature, as well as reflecting on the reasons we care about places, can guide our choices about how we interact with the landscape – as individuals and communities – into the future. The Muck Farm provides some insight into how our own learning and understanding of the land shifts over time, so what we think is the most important use of the land or our relationship to it changes with more knowledge and experience. This kind of awareness can help us stay open to new ideas and continue to pay attention to our surroundings with humility and wonder.

Now, close your eyes and imagine your ‘special’ place, a landscape or site that you find (or found) beautiful, peaceful, freeing, or fun.

Where are you?

What do you hear?

What do you see?

What do you smell?

And who are you with?

What makes the place feel ‘special’ to you? How does it feel to be there?

CMERC is a place where research happens. But it’s also a place for exploration and connection– where we can interact with nature and each other, learn from stories of the past, and create our own memories for the future. Whether meeting someone on the trails or volunteering at a bird banding event, we can experience the landscape and learn about our environment here.

What kinds of experiences do you want to have at CMERC? What feels special to you here?

Let’s head to the next stop and start to think about how the history of CMERC connects to our own lives.