Stop H

CMERC Vision

January 10, 2022

Think about your ‘special place’ from the last stop.

Recall what makes it special for you, and then look around the landscape here. Are there any similarities between your special place and CMERC?

If you’re here with others, please take a minute to share with each other.

So far, we’ve been talking about ecosystems in connection to the landscape here at CMERC. But ecosystems are also where we live. They are the river in your town, the woods by the park, the farm down the street, our backyards and the local playground. Most of our interactions with nature – our ecosystems – happen close to home. Working to improve biodiversity and ecosystem health in our own communities and yards can increase the quality of nature we experience in our daily lives, as well as serve to take care of all our special places, since water and air are fluid systems that connect all landscapes. 

Studying biodiversity, health, and our interactions with ecosystems at CMERC can give us insights into how to increase biodiversity and ecosystem health in our communities and neighborhoods. Let’s head back toward the demonstration garden and look at some ways this is happening. On our way, think about how you might be able to – or already do – contribute to biodiversity, ecosystem health, or resilience.