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The Common Scab rating scale describes a one to five rating system of Streptomyces spp. lesions on potatoes. Photos were taken by the MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics program.

Dr. Paul Bethke at the University of Wisconsin/ USDA developed a stem end defect rating scale to describe potato chip discoloration.

Dr. Zsofia Szendriei wrote this article on managing Colorado Potato Beetle insecticide resistance. 


Chris Long discusses storage performance and chip quality for Petoskey (top) Mackinaw (middle) and Lady Liberty (bottom) at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 storage season




Related MSU Potato Programs

Dr. Dave Douches lead the Potato Breeding and Genetics Program

Dr. Jaime Wilbur leads the Potato and Sugarbeet Pathology Program

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Medius Ag Database: This database is a digital record of all potato variety trials from 2001 to present. Users can compare variety performance, trials, or years for chip, russet, and tablestock potatoes. Users can create an optional login and interact with the Support section to become familiar with the data management system. To learn more about Medius, please visit their website. If you are a collaborator with the Michigan State University Potato Outreach Program and want to learn more about using the VDM, please contact us. We can provide individualized training to help you understand and analyze data collected from your farm.



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