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Comprehensive Action for Climate Change Initiative (CACCI)


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In partnership with local and regional organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean, the Comprehensive Action for Climate Change Initiative (CACCI) will work with key stakeholders at country level to meet commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  Working through its partners, CACCI will support the design and implementation of policies and programmatic investments that support sustainable and inclusive growth and promote climate adaptation throughout partner country food systems. In particular, CACCI will:

  • Support to design and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), including the construction of a comprehensive dataset to enable tracking of Implementation Results Frameworks (IRFs), baselining and stocktaking of the current status of IRF indicators, and ex ante analysis to identify pathways to achieve mitigation and adaptation targets with attention to socioeconomic tradeoffs;
  • Monitoring and evaluation and mutual accountability, including the development of interactive data management infrastructure to track progress toward targets and commitments; and,
  • Capacity building for data gathering and analysis, support for stakeholder coordination, and provision of technical clinics to strengthen local analytical expertise.

For more information and to see the latest updates, please go to the CACCI global site.

CACCI Publications

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